Friday, 11 April 2014


There are days when I despair.  I haven't got a lot to despair about, but somehow, that feeling creeps in.  There's nothing like despair to change how you see the world, to tint your outlook with the taint of hopelessness.  It's like someone whispering in your ear, "quit fighting it, let someone else worry about it, give it up." 

When this is happening, it is like seeing the world through "old" eyes.  I mean old eyes not in the sense of learning from the past, honouring traditions and that sort of thing.  The old eyes I'm talking about are those that see everything through filters of disappointment, anger, hurt, suspicion...even hatred.  These are eyes that have given up, given in.

A life fully lived demands that I see through "new" eyes.  Through these eyes, I will have a deeper, truer understanding of myself and other human beings.  These eyes will accept imperfections as part of the human condition.  The lenses of these eyes are hope, patience, joy and love.  These are welcoming eyes, open to possibility, embracing all that life brings.

By seeing through new eyes, I make a commitment to get rid of all the things that prevent me from living fully.  In Colossians 3, those restrictive, inhibiting traits are listed: anger, wrath, malice, slander, abusive language, lying to one another.  The list is long.

Seeing through new eyes, I strip off those old ways and replace them with a renewed outlook that is based on hope and love.  I want this outlook to turn my life around to a new direction.  I know there will be times when I will slip back into the manner of seeing with old eyes, but God being my helper, those relapses will be fewer and shorter in number.  New eyes will be the norm.

We all have negative days, but that doesn't mean we are pessimistic.
We all do stupid things, but that doesn't mean we are stupid.
It is important to be able to distinguish between what happens to us and who we are,
and, to look forward with hope for new and better days aheadLindsey Stirling.


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